Posted on: August 5, 2008 9:52 pm

Oh Favre!!

Everytime I turn on ESPN, it's the contuing saga of Brett Favre and the "He has showed up to camp" and the "He has just left camp" news.  Speaking from an outsider point of view, the man that gets hurt the most in this is Aaron Rodgers.  When Aaron got drafted in the 2005 draft, he may have went 24th when he was projected so much lower, he was in the best position because he would be learning under Brett Favre, who at that time was one of the best Quarterbacks in the entire league.  Now 3 years later, it his time to be the man in Green Bay.  He is going to be a free agent after next season and it is time for Green Bay to see what he can do.  Brett, for everything he has done for the organization had to know this would happen because Green Bay was pressuring to retire him before the 2007 season, before he was rejuvenated and led his Green Bay Packers to a NFC Championship game, only to be defeated by the New York Giants in overtime.  And as for Green Bay, trade him to any team, including your own division.  If you have faith in Aaron Rodgers, then prove the world wrong, show the world this was your man all along.  If you look at history anyway, the legendary QB's of our time, the Joe Montana's, the Joe Namath's Johnny Unitas' have gone on to toehr teams, only to be the shell of their former team.  If Favre goes to Minnesota, what happens then if Adrian Peterson goes down with an injury?  If he goes to Chicago, how much better will Favre make that team, at his age?  I think what ultimately needs to happen is Green Bay needs to trade Favre to any team, and let's just get back to playing football, please?
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