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Posted on: November 25, 2008 7:51 pm

My money is on Lebron staying in Cleveland.

I have read everyone and their mother talk about it's a for sure thing that Lebron is leaving Cleveland after the 2009-2010 season.  In fact, I haven't read many bloggers say he will stay, a few, yes, but not many.  Count me in as someone who says Lebron will stay.  Why?  It's simple, the next two seasons, the Cavs have the best shot at winning championships.  It won't be about the money, the Cavs can and WILL offer him the league maximum at $140 million.  The Cavaliers know how important Lebron is, no if he does leave it will be because he sees a place where he has a better shot at winning mulitiple championships.  Lebron has made that perfectly clear, and I can respect that.  Which makes me think does the Knicks have a shot at winning a championship the next five years?  Well, in order to have a shot, a team must reach the playoffs first and they haven't been there in quite some time.  Plus Mike D' Antoni, though a good regular season coach has never won a title himself, so what makes any pundit think he has what it takes to do in New York something he couldn't do in Phoenix, who had far better talent?  New Jersey?  Please, that team won't move to Brooklyn until at least 2011, at the very earliest.  So I doubt they will have a shot at anything the next two years.  It's very possible he will go to Los Angeles and play with Kobe and that would be an attractive offer.  But can Kobe play second fiddle to a person who by that point will surpass him as the best NBA player in the league?  Detroit?  Now why on earth will he go to Detroit when he has played in Cleveland, a similar market, and ditto on San Antonio.  The truth is Cleveland is his best destination and possibly the best place for him to win championships.  Remember this, Lebron wants to build a legacy, and he has done that with Cleveland.  The Cavs have made successful runs to the postseason the last three years, including making it to the NBA Finals in 2007 when they had no business going there, on paper.  This season, the Cavs have the best shot to bring a championship, look at the team.  10-3, 7-0 at home, something they had never done for 32 years.  If someone doesn't take them seriously, then they don't know their basketball.  I realize it's how you finish, but this team now is about how you start too.  We know they can finish, now they are starting, which is a big reason to win the Central division.  You get there first, you get home court advantage.

The bottom line is we can read whatever the arrogant New York writers write about, but the truth is THEY don't know if he will move.  Right now, Cleveland is a far more attractive place to play than New York is, and that is the key to the ultimate decision.  The point is never count out Cleveland because there is no better place than home.

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